4 Tips for Decorating Your San Francisco Bay Area Home


From Light Fixtures to Your Front Door, Spruce Your Home With These Decorating Tips

Whether you’re a new homeowner in the San Francisco Bay Area or just looking for ways to fix up your old house, the following list contains some easy and helpful tips to redesign your space.


It seems simple, but homeowners often forget how drastically a fresh coat of paint can completely change a room. White is a timeless color that can help expand any space, a great option for your living room or bedrooms.

Even a nice beige coat would suit the natural earth tones found in San Francisco. Try a deep red for your dining room or foyer to brighten up your home and make it feel cozy, or even black if you're feeling particularly daring and modern.

Light Fixtures

It might come as a surprise how much changing the light fixtures in your home can completely alter the space. Sometimes you do not realize how dark a room is until you upgrade the primary source of lighting.

Adding more light into a room can change the way it is perceived, instantly transforming it from drab to cozy. It is a relatively inexpensive way to update your home and add ambiance to space formerly lacking. Most installations now are easier than ever, with no electrician required.

Even better, learn to layer your lighting, including three different levels: ambiance, task, and accent. And don’t be afraid to let the natural light shine. San Francisco is known for its gorgeous weather, so no shame in keeping your windows open and adorned with sheer curtains.

Decorate Your Front Door

A lot of homeowners don't necessarily consider their front door to be a central addition to the house, but the door, along with your porch or front step area, is the first thing people see when they arrive. Why not make it something eye-catching and colorful?

You'd be surprised how many San Francisco real estate properties have an accent door painted in a vibrant shade of red or blue. Continue your decorating by adding a wreath or an ornate door knocker, whatever best suits your style.

Create Open Space With Furniture

It can be hard to pare down your furniture and decorative home items, but you don't want your living room to feel cluttered. One rule interior designers use is to let their couch and armchairs "talk" to each other.

Whatever place you decide to use to invite guests, whether it be a living room, den, or another type of space, spread out the chairs and make them face the couch to create an excellent place for conversation and game nights.

Throw in a rug that encompasses the entirety of your furniture layout and it will anchor the setting.

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